Saturday, March 17, 2018

Top Magazine Blogger Template 2018 #Remove credit

Top Magazine

Top Magazine Blogger Template 2018

Top Magazine Blogger Template is a specific, elegant & beautiful design blogger style blogger template, it is very suitable for newspaper, magazine, timeline, bloggers, travelers, sports, food or sport lovers even fashion shopper to share important something, hot news, events, personal stories or daily simply life on their own blog websites. We have designed very elegant and which is very easy to customize. It has strong and powerful theme panel option. We believe that our work will appreciate and functional tool.



#Top Magazine Blogger Template
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Paytm - Get 100% Cashback upto Rs 75 on your First Recharge or Bill Payment

Paytm FIRST Promocode – Get 100% Cashback upto Rs 75 on your First Recharge or Bill Payment. Now Paytm is offering an awesome offer for First Time users, Get Flat 100% Cashback upto Rs 75 Cashback on First Time Recharge or Bill Payment. Cashback is valid only for Min KYC/Full KYC users only. So Hurry up and avail this offer now !!

Paytm - Get 100% Cashback upto Rs 75 on your First Recharge or Bill Payment

How to Get 100% Cashback upto Rs 75 on 1st Recharge or Bill Payment:-

2) Install and Open the Paytm App.
3) Login or Sign up your Paytm account.
4) On HomePage choose “Mobile Recharge” or “Bill Payment”.
5) Initiate your Mobile Recharge or Bill Payment.
6) Now Enter Promo code: FIRST
7) After Applying promo code successfully pay the amount.
8) That’s it, Your cashback  will be added successfully into your account within 24hrs of the succesful transaction.

Terms & Conditions:-

1) Offer is valid only on First time Recharge or Bill Payment.
2) FIRST Promo code has to be applied to avail cashback.
3) Cashback is valid only for Min KYC/Full KYC users only.
4) Offer is valid for a Limited Time only.
5) Cashback will be credited to your Paytm wallet within 24 hours.
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Friday, March 16, 2018

(Loot) Amazon Laurels Watches Starting In Just Rs.199(New Collection)

Amazon Laurels Watches

Amazon is back with another Loot Deal offer.In This Deal, You Will Get Laurels Watches Worth Rs.1400 In Just Rs.199 , Quality is Awesome & Colours Combinations Are Also Great.You Will Get Total 90% Off Discount On Orders.

Here Is Loot Details:-
  • Original MRP – Rs.1499
  • Loot  price – Rs.199
  • Discount – Flat 87% off
Extra Off - Add Rs300 in Amazon Pay Wallet & Get Free Rs100 (All Users)

Here is How to Buy Deal

  1. Just Go To This   
    to/2Ivmft2">Amazon Loot Offer Page
2. Now Just Click On Buy Now / Add To Cart Option
3. Sign in or Signup in Your Amazon Account
4. Enter Your Shipping Details and Mobile Number
5. Make Payment With Available Payment Modes
6. Done !!
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How to Get Android P Volume Slider on Any Android

Android P Volume Slider

The only reason we’re all so excited to receive the latest version of Android is that of all the new features it brings. Google sent the Android fanbase into a whirlwind by releasing Android 9.0 P Developer preview this month, and users can’t get enough of what it has to offer already.
Not only will be the next major version of Android be fairly exclusive to the Pixel devices for the first few months, but it may not even make it to most of the Android devices. It only seems fair that you get to enjoy premium features like the Markup tool for doodling and the Quick Reply feature introduced with Android Oreo.

Install Android P Volume Slider

Android P Volume Slider1

Android P Volume Slider - P Volume Control
Yogesh DamaTools$0.99


  • Android P like Floating Volume Panel with default duration for it.
  • Volume Slider Position on the screen to reach out the seekbar easily
  • Color for Volume Notification bar and for Widget too.
  • Color option for Toggles icon on notification bar

How to use Android P Volume Slider

  1. Launch the app once it is installed. There are two special permissions you will be required to enable which are Do not Disturb and Screen Overlay. Apart from these, the app requires the Run at startup permission but you don’t have to manually enable it.
  2. Once enabled, you can start using the app already at default settings but you might want to change the slider position to right center.
Android P Volume Slider
Android P Volume Slider

  1. There are a bunch of other settings you can play around with such as changing the colors of the sliders and icon, the color of the persistent notification which contains the icons for the different volume channels, etc.
  2. Using the app is where you may need some help. You’d think that from now on when you press the volume button, you see an Android P-like slider. Here’s the catch, that doesn’t happen. You will still see the default Volume dialogue if you press the Volume buttons. To bring up Android P Volume slider, you’ll need to pull down the notification shade and tap on the icon of the volume channel you want to change the volume for.
Android P Volume Slider
Android P Volume Slider

  1. If you want to, you can also place the Android P Volume Slider widget on your home screen which is essentially the same thing you see in the notification tray. Simply using the Volume buttons may have been a lot easier but that’s currently the only way this works.
In any case, the developer has made the app available for free for users who download it from XDA Labs so there’s no harm in trying it out.
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sora One Blogger Template 2018 #Remove Credit

Sora One
Sora One

Sora One Blogger Template is a creative blogger theme with an elegant, carefully crafted design. The theme was designed with the “mobile first” design, meaning it was designed for mobile from the beginning and was adapted for bigger screen afterward. This result in a beautiful experience for the users, on all devices

Template Features:

Sora One Blogger Template is a feature full and perfect blogging blogger theme. This template is very flexible, easy for customizing and well optimized, approaches for for any topic like News Blog and professional use. This theme is ideal for Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment websites.  It is a perfectly optimized Seo ready theme that ensures, the best possible rankings on various search engines in simple steps. It  is a professional looking amazing blogspot theme with features that can help you to establish a blog on any niche. This theme is fully responsive and perfectly fits every screen size or  device, whether its desktop, laptop or smartphone.  This theme has everything, which today’s bloggers are looking for. It comes in super professional color combination of black, white and blue as action color. Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Magazine, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, Multi Colors, Black, Red, White, 3 Columns Footer,  2 Columns, Elegant, Minimalist, Stylish, Fashion, WhatsApp Sharing, Slideshow.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tech News Blogger Template 2018 #Remove Footer Credit

Tech News Blogger Template 2018
Blogger Template 2018

Tech News Blogger Template

 is a premium flat, clean, super flexible and fully responsive blogger theme, best suited for Technology, News or Blog Websites. Tech News Blogger Template comes with modern design, speed and ads optimization. We put a lot of effort and research in making this Blogger Theme the best one you can find out there. The theme comes with a lot of features and easy to customize. The theme is very flexible and super easy to use. It is packed with tons of features and custom widgets. We hope you will enjoy it and have a good time publishing your articles. And don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

Template Features:

Tech News Blogger Template is a modern design blogspot blog theme. Using this theme you can create any type of blogging sites like tech, magazine, review, howTo, food, travel, photography, lifestyle and much more. It has clean design layout so you can express your stories with this blog theme. It has grid based Latest Posts Widget that helps you to Showcase latest news posts from a specific category, randomly or recent in grid view. It is the perfect for large scale blog websites or newspaper websites. Being a ad friendly theme it has several spots on the homepage and inner pages for holding ads and advertisements for getting monetary benefits out of the blog. This is a highly optimized theme which has been tested and made compatible with various browsers and hand held devices thus testing for both responsive and mobile compatibility apart from cross device compatibility. Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, News, Page Navigation Menu, 3 Columns Footer, Tabbed Widget Ready, Slideshow, Red, Business, Blue, Email Subscription Widget Ready, Ads Ready, White, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

How to Monitor Battery Health on Android

How to Monitor Battery Health
How to Monitor Battery Health on Android

It wasn’t long ago that Apple was making headlines for the wrong reasons. The reason, at least according to Cupertino, deteriorating battery health on older iPhones. Well, guess what, Android smartphones have similar batteries, based on the same tech. They deteriorate just as much too. Fortunately, there haven’t been cases where Android OEMs were caught slowing down a phone deliberately. The phones do slow down on their own though and the battery is one of the few reasons. This is why at least Sony Xperia devices come with a built-in system that helps charge the battery a certain way. It would be a good idea to monitor your device’s battery health and follow certain precautionary measures to make it last longer.
Natively on Android, you can monitor the battery status, but not the overall health. As Steve Jobs once famously said though, there’s an app for that. And this one’s called AccuBattery. There are a number of other, similar apps on the Play Store and there is no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t use them. I just happened to have used this one and it works. Accubttery is free but is ad-supported. The ads aren’t exactly intrusive but they appear like cards looking similar to the other information it offers.

Install Accubattery


Getting started

When you launch the app first, the app will walk you through a brief introduction to what it does. It will also introduce you to a research on battery lifespan. You may have come across this supposed fact somewhere, that charging the battery to a maximum of 80% (instead of 100%) you can increase its longevity by quite a bit. Once you reach the main screen of the app, you’ll notice it displays your battery percentage at the top of a circle and percentage. At the bottom are several tabs. Head to the charging tab and you’ll notice a slider that you can move around the battery percentage. It is set to 80 by default.

accu battery

accu battery

Using AccuBattery to monitor battery health

You can’t start monitoring the battery health already. The app will need to stay installed on your device for a few days and monitor your usage habits. It will show more accurate results as much as you use it, of course. However, it will start showing results after about a day of use too. It will more accurately be able to predict the time left for discharge under the Discharging tab as you use it. This also includes details about your average battery usage, usage per app, and more.

The Charging tab will show you how quickly your device usually charges. It is the Health tab you should rather be more interested in though. This will show you your battery’s current health based on your average charge sessions and the battery wear by your daily use. It would be advisable to let your battery discharge completely once you install the app before you plug it to charge again. As you can see the app has by battery’s design capacity confused to be 1000mAh. It is 4000mAh in fact, but the first time I plugged my phone to charge, it only had to charge 1000mAh. Now it is kind of stuck. Not a problem if you’re aware of your battery’s design capacity.
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Friday, March 09, 2018

Robusta Blogger Template 2018 [ Remove Credit ]

Robusta Blogger Template

Robusta Blogger Template

Robusta Blog Blogger Template is a high quality, use-friendly, creative corporate business blog blogger template. When it comes to writing daily blogs, Robusta is exclusively made for you, so you can brag about your products and etc. It comes with standard features that a simple blog needs. We haven't added any fancy features like we always do with our other templates, instead we have gone with keeping it simple approach.! Check more awesome features of the Robusta Blogger Template

 Template Features:

Robusta Blogger Template is a simple and content focused blogspot theme. It is a feature rich theme that only targets to get attraction from your readers. It helps you to create a reader base with its email subscription box into header.  Just like its name, it is a very robust theme with highly optimized coding to provide you a better and much more professional experience than any other blogspot template. It is specially designed for blogs about news and tech magazine. This template is a best choice to build news, technology and magazine blogger blogs. This theme loads blazing fast due to its clean and simple design. It provides you a canvas, so that you can make any kind of design you want. It is a highly customizable theme with responsive layout and professionally optimized for great SEO. It comes in minimal color scheme and has fully white background for most of the elements with red as action color for hovers and clicks. Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, 2 Columns, Elegant, White, Black, Red, Minimalist, Stylish, WhatsApp Sharing, Magazine, Technology, News, 3 Columns Footer, Gray, Email Subscription Widget Ready.

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